Zodwa Wabantu and Manaka Ranaka’s boxing match to take place by October 22nd 2023.

Manaka Ranaka Zodwa Wabantu boxing match

Zodwa Wabantu and Manaka Ranaka’s boxing match to take place by october 22nd 2023.

The flyer revealing that the fight that will take place on October 22nd has been shared on social media.

“Wozani nabangani benu e @thebears_palace @theridgecasino nizobona ngishaya u @zodwalibram ngeTKO,” Manaka captioned post.

Few of days ago, Manaka Ranaka called out Zodwa and challenged her to a boxing match.

Ranaka said on sunday, “Boxing is one of the biggest sports globally. It is a sports of discipline and I have always done boxing, not professionally though. I would occasionally do it at the gym as part of my training regime. But now I am doing it to entertain and restore the dignity of sport.”

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“Zodwa and I are both kasi girls, we will not fight with helicopter hands. We are a perfect combination,” she said.

“I have always had boxing gloves so if Zodwa steps into the ring wearing a G-string, I will expose my potbelly and show her flames.”

Manaka confidently spoke about how she plans to defeat the dancer.

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