WWE Hall of Famer Urges Fans to Stop Making Fun of Evidence of “CRIME” Committed Against him by The Undertaker.. WWE Hall of Famer, JBL posts evidence of crime committed against him by The Undertaker in a hilarious post on social media

WWE Hall of Famer Urges Fans to Stop Making Fun of Evidence of “CRIME” Committed Against him by The Undertaker

John “Bradshaw” Layfield, or simply JBL, was one of the most entertaining heel characters of the mid-2000s in WWE. In his brief career as a singles competitor, the Hall of Famer has had some of the most memorable feuds with the likes of Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, etc. Out of his many compelling feuds, a rivalry that stands out to date was JBL vs. The Undertaker in 2004.

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The WWE Hall of Famer recently took to his X handle and shared a picture from one of his old segments.

Captioning the tweet, he urged fans not to use the image for meme purposes, as it’s clear evidence of a crime perpetrated against him by The Undertaker. The self-proclaimed Wrestling God alluded to one of his matches against The Deadman, where the latter viciously manhandled JBL.

JBL and The Undertaker faced each other in a hard-hitting match for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam 2004. However, the match ended in no disqualification after The Deadman attacked the 56-year-old using the WWE title. As a result, JBL managed to retain the WWE Championship.

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I know Twitter (X) can be toxic, but this has caused me nightmares. This is not a picture to be made a meme of, it’s not funny. It is evidence of a crime perpetrated against me by the Undertaker. So please quit using this for your own pleasure and amusement.

JBL urging the fans to quit using his image as a meme


Moreover, losing the championship bout didn’t sit well with the Phenom. Thus, he settled the score with JBL by chokeslamming the latter on the roof of his own limousine. The Wrestling God was utterly obliterated by The Undertaker, leading him to get stretchered out of the arena. A few weeks later, he returned to WWE programming, wearing a neck brace and a head stand to support his hat. The very same image from the segment was shared by the WWE veteran on his X.

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JBL believes The Undertaker was an excellent locker room leader in his prime

The Undertaker is arguably one of the most iconic figures in the world of wrestling. In a career spanning over three decades, the Deadman has achieved great success, winning numerous championships. The 58-year-old was not just carrying the company as a champion onscreen; the WWE Hall of Famer was an even better leader behind the scenes.

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