South African Influencer Cyan Boujee Embroiled in Scandal Over Viral Video With DJ Prince Kaybee.. Cyan Boujee scandal: Viral video with DJ Prince Kaybee stirs controversy.

South African Influencer Cyan Boujee Embroiled in Scandal Over Viral Video With DJ Prince Kaybee

A wave of controversy has engulfed Cyan Boujee, a prominent South African social media influencer, following the leakage of  a video that has since gone viral. Boujee, a popular figure on YouTube, where she has amassed over 86k subscribers via her channel “Boujee Space,” is known for her intriguing vlogs and passion for music, often seen DJing in her videos.

Her online presence is not confined to YouTube alone, with her Instagram account boasting over 500k followers. She uses these platforms to share glimpses of her life and the events she attends. However, her recent rise in popularity is linked with a scandalous video that has sent ripples across various social media platforms, including YouTube.

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The viral video, referred to as ‘Cyan Boujee Tlof Tlof’, portrays Boujee in an |nt|m@te situation with a man. The video, reportedly recorded by the couple themselves, was shared on social media and promptly spread like wildfire. The viral video’s swift spread was assisted by numerous YouTube channels that began to report on the story. Reports suggest that the man in the video is none other than South African DJ Prince Kaybee, with whom Boujee has admitted to having a past relationship.

South African Influencer Cyan Boujee Viral Video With DJ Prince Kaybee

Boujee’s relationship with Prince Kaybee dates back to when she was just 19 years old. The video’s authenticity is no longer in question, given these facts, and has led to a frenzied search for the video link across the internet.

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The ‘Cyan Boujee scandal’, as it’s come to be known, has been the subject of much discussion. The video, featuring Boujee and DJ Prince Kaybee, has thrust them into a whirlwind of controversy. Boujee has previously acknowledged her romantic history with Kaybee, with whom she reportedly shared a strong bond.

Speculation around the leak’s motivations has been rife, with some suggesting it was a calculated move to garner attention. However, others have rallied behind Boujee, arguing that the video was likely leaked without her consent. The video scandal isn’t the only controversy Boujee has been embroiled in; she was reportedly arrested in June 2023 on suspicion of stealing an iPhone 13, but the case didn’t proceed due to insufficient evidence.

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In response to the viral video and the subsequent barrage of questions from followers, Boujee has broken her silence. She has reportedly admitted that the video was a planned endeavour with DJ Prince Kaybee. Boujee was only 19 at the time and has stated that this was her first intimate relationship. The revelation that the video was premeditated has left many of her followers shocked.

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