Dead body found Lilie James inside the bathroom of an elite Sydney private school Australia

Lilie James
Dead body of Lilie James found inside the bathroom of an elite Sydney private school Australia—

On Thursday, a dead body of Lilie James was found inside the bathroom of an elite Sydney private school, horror rippled around the country.

Police turned up at St Andrew’s Cathedral School just before midnight, after recieving the call.

On arival the encountered a “confronting scene” – 21-year-old water polo coach Lilie James, dead, with extensive head injuries.

The police Detectives believe she was murdered – allegedly with a hammer – hours earlier, according to local media who have citied anonymous sources.

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CCTV captured her colleague, 24-year-old hockey coach Paul Thijssen, entering the bathroom she did her. Thijssen, who also made the call to authorities, later emerged alone.

Police have presently made no comments about a potential motive, local media have reported Ms James broken up her relationship with Thijssen. They had been seeing each other for only five weeks.

Thijssen had vanished after calling in the tip-off from Vaucluse, and police launched a major manhunt focussed on the cliffside suburb.

There they found items “associated with the homicide” – allegedly the murder weapon – in a bin, and on Friday morning, a body which was later confirmed to be Thijssen.

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