Lauren Boebert Making Out Jayson Boebert Outside Court Parking Lot After Finalizing Their Divorce.. ..The public part of the uncontested divorce hearing was calm by comparison. Rep. Boebert’s attorney, Annie Le Fleur, said the Boeberts had agreed that the marriage was “irretrievably broken.” Le Fleur also told Mesa County Magistrate Katherine Barnes that her client agreed to forgo child support. Rep. Boebert could have received $1,833.43 a month under the formula the court uses in divorces.

Lauren Boebert Making Out Jayson Boebert Outside Court Parking Lot After Finalizing Their Divorce.. 
Lauren Boebert Making Out Jayson Boebert—


Jayson Boebert’s attendance came after he appeared to be largely uncooperative with the divorce. He did not have a lawyer present at the hearing. Afterward, an Insider reporter observed him nearly licking the phone of a Daily Mail reporter who was recording a video.

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Boebert recently came to his now ex-wife’s defense after Boebert and her reported date were thrown out of a Denver performance of the Beetlejuice musical last month. Boebert said he was unfaithful “in so many ways” and he was the “root” of problems in their relationship.

The hearing itself was delayed for unknown reasons for nearly 30 minutes, during which the door to the courtroom was locked. Raised voices and the former couple’s six-month-old grandchild crying could be heard through the door. The congresswoman brought her grandson to the hearing, which Jayson Boebert told reporters was so he could pick up the child from her.

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Boebert filed for divorce in May, announcing her intent to separate from her husband of nearly two decades, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

The Boeberts, who have four sons, agreed to a parenting plan that is laid out in a sealed divorce file. Custody arrangements were not discussed in court.

Jayson Boebert appeared without representation. While Lauren Boebert rocked the baby in her arms, her soon to be ex-husband leaned emotionally over the defendant’s table, squeezing his eyes shut, as the magistrate declared that the marriage was dissolved.

Before they left the courtroom, Le Fleur told Jayson Boebert, “You need your grandson.” Lauren Boebert, 36, started to hand the baby over before saying that she would carry him out.

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