Kate Middleton and journalist Omid Scobie in Royal Scandal

Kate Middleton and journalist Omid Scobie in Royal Scandal

Kate Middleton and journalist Omid Scobie in Royal Scandal.. Scandal erupts over Scobie’s book ‘Endgame’ and unfounded affair rumours…

Kate Middleton and journalist Omid Scobie in Royal Scandal
Kate Middleton and journalist Omid Scobie in Royal Scandal

The British royal family member, Kate Middleton, and renowned British journalist, Omid Scobie, have found themselves in the midst of a controversy that has caught the public’s interest.

Middleton, wife of Prince William, who is next in line for the British throne, and Scobie, co-author of the book ‘Finding Freedom’ and an acknowledged expert on the British royal family, are now under public scrutiny due to a scandal that has recently come to light.

Middleton, a former middle-class St. Andrews University student, met Prince William while studying there. Her marriage into the royal family elevated her to public prominence, a status that has only intensified with the recent scandal involving Scobie.

The scandal, which is currently trending online, revolves around accusations made against Scobie regarding his latest book, ‘Endgame’.

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Critics have argued that Scobie made factual errors in the Dutch versions of his book, particularly concerning the naming of King Charles and Middleton as potential royal racists.

Last week, Scobie admitted for the first time that initial versions of ‘Endgame’ did include the names of Charles and Kate, as senior royals who supposedly expressed concerns about the skin colour of Archie, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s son, before his birth. This revelation, which was reflected in the Dutch editions of the book, has caused a global media stir.

Rumours surrounding a possible romantic affair between Middleton and Scobie have also surfaced online. However, these speculations lack any factual basis, with no verified media outlets reporting on such a relationship.

In the past, allegations of infidelity have been directed towards Prince William, with rumours in 2019 suggesting he had cheated on Middleton with former friend, Rose Hanbury.

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This scandal resurfaced in November 2023, but Scobie dismissed these speculations as baseless. It’s possible this has led to the confusion and subsequent rumours regarding a supposed affair between Middleton and Scobie.

So far, Middleton has not made any public comments regarding the rumours of a romantic relationship with Scobie. However, she has responded to other aspects of the scandal.

Scobie’s book ‘Endgame’ was removed from shelves due to its controversial content, including assertions about which British royals had questioned the colour of Archie’s skin.

Middleton was reportedly upset about these speculations and an insider confirmed she was not one of the individuals involved in these discussions.

Both Kate and Prince William have refrained from commenting on the book and recent remarks made by Piers Morgan.

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However, in March 2021, Prince William did state to reporters, “We’re definitely not a racist family,” in response to the accusations.

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