Video Of Spanish Footballer Alvaro Prieto Body Trapped In Train… A footballer who went missing four days ago has been found dead near the Spanish train station where he was last seen.

Full Video Of Spanish Footballer Alvaro Prieto Body Trapped In Train
Spanish Footballer Alvaro Prieto Body Trapped In Train—-

Spanish third-tier side Cordoba FC confirmed the body found on Monday was that of 18-year-old Alvaro Prieto.

A Spanish TV crew doing a live report on the missing man filmed the horror moment part of his body, with the white trainers and beige trousers he was wearing when he vanished, could be seen trapped between two carriages on a moving train coming into Seville’s main railway station.

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Spanish state broadcaster TVE subsequently made a grovelling apology for screening the images instead of interrupting the live signal after it emerged it was Prieto’s body.

The teenager vanished on Thursday morning after being asked to leave a train he was trying to catch so he could return to his home city of Cordoba.

The engineering student, leading goalscorer this season for Cordoba FC’s youth team, had been out partying with friends in Seville and missed the 7.20am train he was due to return home on and had already paid for.

Security guards asked him to leave the area around 9.30am on Thursday after catching him trying to cross the tracks and get on another train he didn’t have a ticket for.

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He was thought to have abandoned Santa Justa Station – without cash and with no battery on his mobile phone to show he had bought the earlier ticket he was no longer able to use to pay for a new one.

His anguished mum Julia Lopez said in a radio interview over the weekend she feared the teenager had been run over or abducted after trying to hitch-hike home.

The two carriages on the train his body was wedged between in the ugly scenes filmed by Spanish state broadcaster TVE are believed to have been brought out of sidings this morning shortly before his body was spotted.

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A police investigation into the tragedy is now underway.

Spanish Footballer Alvaro Prieto Body Trapped In Train video here

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