SEE HERE: DJ Tira Part Ways With Senzo ‘Msezisto’ Shezi

DJ Tira Part Ways With Senzo 'Msezisto' Shezi

DJ Tira Part Ways With Senzo ‘Msezisto’ Shezi.. Regardless of the news, Senzo denied that he had been fired from his position…

DJ Tira Part Ways With Senzo 'Msezisto' Shezi

“I don’t know what you are talking about and I’m in the rural areas. My network is bad. I haven’t heard that I’ve been fired, but I will check.” he said.

Senzo ‘Msezisto’ Shezi, who was in charge of the management of musicians at Afrotainment, including DJ Tira, has been terminated with immediate effect due to his manipulation of the company’s finances. Shezi was quoted as saying, “It is with regret that we announce the departure of Mr. Senzo,” Msenzisto” Shezi, effective immediately. Following an internal investigation,”” the statement reads.

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It has been reported that the manager was terminated from his position at the stable due to allegations that he stole booking money that was intended for musicians working at the stable, notably Dladla Mshunqisi.

Dladla grew suspicious when he performed and did not get any money for the jobs, according to the source who added that he became suspicious.

There was also a delay in the payment of his wages from August. “He confronted Dj Tira about his money and that’s when it was discovered that Senzo had been stealing money from the company,” according to the informant.

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ZiMoja was also informed by the source that whenever Senzo would send invoices for bookings, he would change the account numbers from those of Afrotainment to something that was associated with his personal bank account.

It was further stated in the statement that they wish to reassure their clients, partners, and partners that they are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct.

“We will take all necessary steps to rectify any issues that may have risen as a result of Mr Senzo Shezi’s actions.

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