Delhi Woman S-xually H@rrasses Rickshaw Puller On Road.. A video which is doing rounds on social media and has shocked people online shows a Delhi woman inappropriately touching a rickshaw puller and making sexual advances towards him as they both stand on the road.

Delhi Woman S-xually H@rrasses Rickshaw Puller On Road

The video has been uploaded on Reddit by an anonymous user and it shows the woman publicly doing inappropriate things. It was all captured by a few people sitting inside their car.

In the video, the woman can be seen putting her head on the rickshaw puller’s shoulder as she inappropriately touches him. The man can be seen standing next to his vehicle but does absolutely nothing. Both of them can be seen exchanging words but it is not clear as to what they are talking about. The video has been shot from a distance.

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The video, since being uploaded, has gone viral and garnered multiple views on social media. “The heck! Just imagine if the roles were reversed. The guy’d probably be lynched,” commented a Reddit user. Another person wrote, “Brutal. Poor thing doesn’t know what to do. He’s stunned. And seemingly being an accomplice due to hormones.”

Watch Delhi Woman S-xually H@rrasses Rickshaw Puller Video HERE film

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