Cyan Boujee Leaked Original Video Goes Viral, Trending on Twitter, and Reddit

Cyan Boujee Leaked Original Video Goes Viral, Trending on Twitter, and Reddit

Cyan Boujee Leaked Original Video Goes Viral, Trending on Twitter, and Reddit.. Cyan Boujee, a very well-known DJ and influential figure, is not a newcomer to the topic. She is once again ascending to the top of the charts.

Cyan Boujee Leaked Original Video Goes Viral, Trending on Twitter, and Reddit

There have been allegations that Price Kaybee, who was previously in a relationship with Cyan Boujee, has uploaded a private film of her to the internet.

Cyan Boujee Leaked Original Video Goes Viral, Trending on Twitter, and Reddit.

Cyan Boujee’s private film went viral the moment it was made public, and she took over Twitter to accuse Prince of being the one who leaked her recording.

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“I’m ayt guys, but wow may God bless Prince Kaybee,” Cyan Boujee wrote in a post that she made on her Instagram account not too long ago. No, it is he. The only problem I have is that all of my niggas are going to dump me today.

However, Prince Kaybee has not yet made any comments, despite the fact that he has accused him on social media.

Cyan Boujee fights with Prince Kaybee over an alleged leaked video

According to the evidence of Cyan Boujee, the private film was made by her many years ago. At the time, she was dating Prince.

Cyan has also stated that she is not bothered by the fact that the film was leaked because it brought her a lot of attention and is currently a topic of discussion in the media.

In the event that you follow her, you would be aware that she is not a stranger to scandals. Cyan Boujee has been a part of numerous news stories over the course of the past few years, and all of them have been unfavorable. During her visit on the Venting Podcast with Gogo Skhotheni, she disclosed that she was involved in a love relationship with DJ Maphorisa.

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In the past, she admitted that she did not have any feelings for Maphorisa and that she had never been in a relationship with him. As of late, it has come to light that the entire thing was a fabrication; she did, in fact, date him and had a deep affection for him.

She was also romantically involved with Busta 929. By virtue of her participation in the Podcast and Chill with MacG interview, she revealed that she had been having an affair with him. In addition to that, I am in a committed relationship with Blaq Diamond.


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Cyan Boujee Leaked Original Video Wiki Biodata

Full NameHonour Zuma Zacn (Cyan Boujee)
Date of BirthAugust 25, 2001
Age21 (as of August 9, 2023)
Height1.63 m
ProfessionDJ, Model, Brand Ambassador, Influencer, YouTuber, Makeup Artist, Philanthropist
Notable WorkFounded “Reaching Out Foundation”
YouTube Channel“Boujee Space” (84,000+ subscribers, 3,731,793 views)
Instagram430,000+ followers
Twitter127,000+ followers
TikTok467,000+ followers
CarWhite Mercedes Benz (purchased in July 2022)
Net WorthApprox. $1 million (as of August 2023)
Relationship StatusPreviously dated Bamzy Riches; current status unknown
FamilyParents’ details unknown; possible siblings
ControversiesInvolved in leaked explicit video controversy; Previous relationship and assault incident with Bamzy Riches
PhilanthropyFounded “Reaching Out Foundation” to assist the poor and needy
Social MediaActive on Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram

Prince Kaybee Biodata

Full NamePrince Kaybee
Birth Year1992
Age (2020)28 years
BirthplaceSenekal, Free State, South Africa
Father’s NameMr Motsamai
Siblings35 siblings, youngest child
EducationDropped out of school in grade 11
CareerStarted as a DJ in a Nigerian-owned club
RelationshipBecame a father at a young age
Musical JourneyEntered DJ competitions, produced music
Spiritual PathIntroduced to church and got saved in 2013
CarsMercedes Benz C63 AMG, VW Golf Vi, BMW X6, more
Song Theft AllegationsAccused of stealing songs by other artists
AlbumsVarious albums released from 2014 to 2017


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Who is Cyan Boujee, and why is she making headlines?

Boujee is a renowned DJ and influencer known for her controversial actions and statements. She is currently in the spotlight due to the alleged leakage of a private video involving her, which has gone viral online.

What are the allegations surrounding Cyan Boujee Leaked Original Video ?

It is alleged that Boujee’s former boyfriend, Prince Kaybee, leaked a private video of her online. The video has gained significant attention on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

How did Cyan Boujee react to the leaked video?

Boujee took to her social media accounts, particularly Twitter, to accuse Prince Kaybee of leaking her personal video. She posted that she was okay with the leak, as it brought her publicity, but expressed concern that her relationships might be affected.

Has Prince Kaybee responded to the accusations?

As of the latest reports, Prince Kaybee has not publicly responded to the accusations made by Boujee regarding the leaked video.

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