Blueface’s Mother, Karlissa Saffold Shares Her N-a-ke-d B-u-tt Cheek In Toilet Mirror Picture… It’s been a surprisingly quiet weekend on Blueface and Chrisean Rock’s front, especially considering how much they’ve both been in the headlines since their son’s birth.

Karlissa Saffold Shares Her N-a-ke-d B-u-tt Cheek In Toilet Mirror Picture

Of course, all good things come to an end, as we found out when the “Thotiana” rapper’s mother’s nudes hit the internet on Sunday (October 15). In a selfie captured by Karlissa Saffold, she flexes her bodacious booty in the mirror while cheekily sticking out her tongue.

In the internet age, it’s unfortunately not uncommon for personal content to leak. Shortly after she realized what had happened, Saffold posted an explanation on her Instagram Story. “I promise I did not moon y’all for clout,” Blueface’s mom wrote. “Hell, my daddy just called me about seeing my old rusty a**. That was an accident I sent to my husband 😭😭😭,” she additionally noted. “Y’all ain’t worth my a** for clout.”

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“He’s not watching nobody twerk. He ain’t seen no naked ass. [Blueface] covered up his eyes, like this, while he took him to the pantry. So he didn’t see no nakedness,” Saffold added. “He ain’t see no booty cheeks. False alarm, false alarm. Everybody go home.”

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