Big Brother Mzansi 2024 Season 4 Housemates Profile | BBMzansi Pictures, Age, Hometown, Occupation

Big Brother Mzansi 2024 Season 4 Housemates Profile | BBMzansi Pictures, Age, Hometown, Occupation

Big Brother Mzansi 2024 Season 4 Housemates Profile | BBMzansi Pictures, Age, Hometown, Occupation.. “You can’t keep a good man down,” a great Mzansi musician once sang, and that is exactly why Big Brother Mzansi bounced back tonight with S’ya Mosha. We were never ready for the excellent looks and everything else that he had to offer.

Big Brother Mzansi 2024 Season 4 Housemates Profile | BBMzansi Pictures, Age, Hometown, Occupation
Big Brother Mzansi 2024 Season 4 Housemates

The greatest way to welcome our oh so fantastic host, Lawrence Maleka, was to begin the program with a mashup of some of the best artists in Mzansi, including Tyler ICU, Tumelo.ZA, LeeMcKrazy, and Khalil Anderson, as well as Kamo Mphela, who was accompanied by some of the best dancers in Soweto. Attention! In his formal blue and black fitted tuxedo, Lawrence looked absolutely magnificent. Later, he wore a navy double-breasted suit, which he wore as a wazibhandish fashion statement.

In the fourth season of Big Brother Mzansi 2024, the following housemates are going to be captivating audiences:

1. Sinaye

The Eastern Cape native is all about fun that is responsible. A hopeless romantic with a zen personality, Sinaye is confident that his partner of many years trusts him as he enters his big era on Big Brother Mzansi.


2. Makhekhe

Although Makhekhe’s diverse portfolio of varying interests makes him the triple threat, it’s his intention to hit the floor that will endear him to potential baes in Biggie’s house. He’s single and ready to mingle!

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3. Mcjunior

All it takes is a little liquid courage for this big dreamer to tell it all and he hopes no one ever finds any video of his past life as a rapper online.


4. Yolanda

She wants people who are different to know that it’s possible to do anything. Yolanda is a forever yena kind of girl because she’s loyal, very honest and catches feelings very fast.


5. Mpumi

The bubbly beauty is both hustle-hot and ready for the spotlight! With playing soccer as one of her many talents, the night life entertainment dab-hands is ready to take Pretoria’s famously swaggy slang to the world.


6. Pale

She’s sophisticated and classy with the taste for the finer things in life, but deep down, Pale is all about the adventure. She will be staying away from chaos that does not involve her in the house but won’t be ducking the opportunity to explore potential romance.


7. Mali

Tembisa’s very own Mali is prepared to break some rules and take it to the top in her time on Big Brother Mzansi, where her hustler’s instinct will find a splashy platform.



8. BravoB

BravoB believes everybody deserves the spotlight regardless of where they’re from and that’s why he is here. A polygamist at heart, he believes in testing and testing before settling on the one.



9. Jareed

This 24-year-old gym fanatic finds freedom in doing whatever he wants most of the time and hopes he doesn’t disappoint his mom in the house.

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10. Willy

“I’m after the bag!”, says Wily, who plans to keep his eye on the prize. His smooth charms and street credibility make Willy one to watch, but his pet peeves might test him in the house. The energetic youngin revealed that he insists on clean spaces.



11. Young Pappi

As soon as the doors open, it will be all hands on deck for the bubbly Kimberly Gen Z, who plans to win the heart of the popular girl in the house as a strategic focus. He’s also a grooviest, and plans to live up to the theme of ‘s’ya mosha’ by embracing his edgy self.


12. Mich

Mich reckons his main character energy will be enough to help him navigate dynamics in Biggie’s house. As a budding DJ and emcee, he plans to use his experience around working the room to be the life of the party.


13. Liema

Liema plans to be remain authentic and open to the possibility of finding love in the Big Brother house. A student with two jobs, the Eastern Cape rising star wants to take the opportunity to further her slay.


14. Sammy_M

With eyes on the prize, Sammy_M wants to use Big Brother Mzansi as a springboard to launch her acting and TV presenting career. With her strategy to sit back and observe how her fellow housemates move before pouncing, the aspiring star also shares that authenticity will remain her best strategy.

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15. Meelay

She’s felt stagnant for some time in her life. Now though, Meelay wants to hop on to the “pizzaz” of Big Brother to begin a new chapter in her journey.



16. Zee

This traditional food lover is irritated by people who drag their feet when they walk and chewing with your mouth open no wonder she partly describes her brand as classy, elegant and fancy.



17. Chuenzaaa

Both confident and easy going, the fierce Chuenzaaa reckons their cool headedness will enable them to tackle unexpected situations without tilting to risk his crown. Being real is how the fashionista plans to move in the house, which is why they’d rather dissolve drama by pulling someone aside to the garden.



18. Lerato Modise

Eccentric, ghetto and snobbish is how Lerato describes her personal brand but she also hopes to build a skills development centre one day.



19. Els

She will be stirring the pot in the house by ensuring that no one is happy especially shippers, that is exclusively reserved for her.


20. PapaGhost

With a runway aesthetic, PapaGhost also plans to expose everyone doing things behind other people’s backs.



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