Australian WTA Icon As She Recalls Seeing Naomi Osaka In A Vulnerable State.

Australian WTA Icon As She Recalls Seeing Naomi Osaka In A Vulnerable State.

Australian WTA icon as she recalls seeing Naomi Osaka in a vulnerable state.. Daria Saville reflects on her relationship with Naomi Osaka and talks about the importance of being kind on the Tour.

Australian WTA Icon As She Recalls Seeing Naomi Osaka In A Vulnerable State.

Australian professional tennis player Daria Saville recently recalled an incident where she witnessed the Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka crying in the locker room.

In a recent interview ahead of the Brisbane Open, the 29-year-old stated an incident in the past where she was trying to console a crying Naomi Osaka in the locker room of one of the tournaments.

“I just remember I saw her crying in the locker room. I was like, ‘Oh, my God, this is sad, she shouldn’t cry, she’s such a great tennis player’. I was like, ‘You’re probably going to win the next slam, you’ll be fine.’ And I think she won.”
Speaking about the incident, the Australian stated

The 29-year-old also narrated how she was there to console her, reassuring her of a Grand Slam win in the future, which she won soon after. Daria Saville is all set to pair up with her doubles partner, Daria Kasatkina, as they will play their first match on December 31st at the Brisbane International.

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Naomi Osaka, on the other hand, is all set to make a solid comeback to the tennis circuit after taking a long break from the sport due to personal reasons.

Apart from sharing the fact that the Australian found the four-time Grand Slam champion in a vulnerable state, she also shed some light on the relationship the two players share on the tour.

“I haven’t come across Naomi too many times. Obviously, when we did see each other, we said ‘hello’. We were just passing. Everyone’s so busy.”
continuing further, the 29 year old stated

Daria Saville talks about being kind to players off the court while Naomi Osaka appreciates her gestures
It was indeed a good and heartwarming gesture by the Australian to try and console a fellow player as only tennis players and empathize with one another, knowing the difficulties they face playing tennis the entire year all around the globe.

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“Yeah, I think I’m pretty friendly off the court. Yeah, I empathize with people, players, ’cause actually the tour, we’re one big circus. Yeah, I think it’s good to be kind to people. I’m not talking myself up.”
alking about showing kindness, Daria Saville said

The two-time US Open champion also had some kind words for the Australian, as she appreciated her extroverted nature of trying to approach and talk to her even though she had headphones on all the time.

The Japanese also stated how it feels really good to see her on the Tour, as she radiates a positive and happy environment.

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